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March 7, 2008

Lovely spring weather moving in....

If someone says to me "let it snow"....I'm gonna be a totally bezirk granny, grab my tights and twist them around their neck (sound of thrashing, hysterics, and cabin fever mania). Yes, that is me...flattened in a snow bank our last major snow, which will be nothing compared to what is coming.

WE HAVE TEN+ INCHES OF SNOW COMING IN THIS WEEKEND. In March! When we should have little flowers poking through the soil, and the birds flitting in from the south.

I'm going to have to hustle today and get to the store before the roads become snow covered to stock my Mom and Step-Dad up on groceries, hurry back and strip out the three stalls and replace with clean bedding. The horses may be put up for several days, want to start with fresh stalls.

Guess I'll be quilting, cleaning, and baking this weekend. How "granny" is that?~Endurance Granny

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