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March 18, 2008

The rains continue....up to four inches possible today

It seems like the drought of last summer is being replaced by an ever soggy winter and spring. The mud is unreal. The ground is so saturated I had water come into Phebes stall from the ground.

I've been back to ground work with Phebes. She is cooperative, but resentful. The ever problematic lack of respect seems to be the sticking point. I cannot press the point without the round pen, which is pastern deep in mud....and will likely be hock deep by this evening if the rains come as forecasted. The rain is also delaying Phebes going to the trainer, as he has only outside facilities.

If the weather permits, I will hopefully at least get started back with Puddin' over the weekend. Sorry to sound so gloomy! Praying for some sunshine here on the southeastern 25 acres. ~Endurance Granny

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