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March 23, 2008

Session #4 in the round pen only took about an hour, but finally I got join up. She was following me, turning, and backing up all off lead. Against my own fears (and maybe better judgement) I got on her and rode just a little, only walking, and doing turns, and moving off of my leg. She was a little goosey at first, but settled in. I still don't feel I really have her mind like I want. Her attention drifts to sights and sounds unheard....and that is when she will spook, as if she's forgotten I'm up there, and all of a sudden WHAT'S ON MY BACK?!!! It is so perplexing how she can be so different from Puddin'. Puddin' is a sensitive horse, but not this throttlaholic that Phebes is. If the power of horse were measured in percentages, on Puddin' I feel about 50% on Phebes the needle is buried on 100% and she's looking for more. You feel all that raw power under you, and having it only barely under control is rather frightening.

I'm counting the days for her to head off for her training. Praying I'll get back a better horse, ready to go down the trail. We have put so much into her, including the serious injury of my husband two seasons ago. She is hot, fractious, and so loved. Wish that love could do it, but obviously not. ~Endurance Granny

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