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March 28, 2008

Session #5 in the round pen

Phebes and I went back at it on Wednesday. She chased the scary umbrella, was flopped with the tarp, worked on ground control, and performed a really pretty back up with great flexion. Things were going well, so I thought I'd put on my helmet, saddle her up, and try again. It went well. Kept her at a walk, just flexing, turns, and yielding off my leg. Wednesday was the last day of sun, and heavy rains moved in again yesterday, so I am once again thwarted from use of the round pen or paddock for riding. I believe she will leave for the trainer on the 6th of April. This is exciting, and nerve wrecking!

Doug found an interesting link at the horse channel's sight that gives a brief outline of a horse's personality, so I decided to work the chart and see where Phebes and Puddin are on the chart. This was put together by the Parelli's and they deserve full credit for the article.

Phebes: She scored 7 as a LB extrovert, and 8 as a RB extrovert which sort of supports that she has a split personality *LOL*. The one thing that was consistent is that she is an extrovert, which supports that she should be able to do the job I'm going to ask of her. Phebes also scored 4 on both LB RB introvert. I expected her to fall into the extrovert category, but was suprised to find that she was almost balanced between the two. All I can conclude from this is that the areas that make her so RB extrovert may shift to left brain with the proper training. One can hope!

Puddin: Her scores blew me away, as I do not percieve her as a RB extrovert. She in fact scored higher in this area than Phebes by a point. Studying on the characteristics, I can't argue the result. The only difference between the two seems to be that Puddin' has developed enough trust in me that it over-rides some of her reaction impulses. Her next highest score was a 5 on RB introvert, with a very low score on LB extrovert which would have been my first guess for her. All of this indicates to me that Puddin' would benefit from a lot more ground work. Once Phebes heads off to the trainer, I will start working on further building Puddin's confidence in me, and try to get some left brain thinking going on.

All in all I found the Parelli's Horsenality profile to be very useful in seeing my horses, really seeing who they are, outside of my perceptions. I was able to see strengths in Phebes that were clouding my experience based picture of her. It clearly indicated to me that Puddin' has some real holes in her training that can be easily worked on by building her confidence through ground exercises and creativity.

If you've never profiled your horse's personality, give it a try. The site where the chart is posted also has suggestions on how to approach training a horse that falls strongly into one category or the other. Fun and informative tool!

~Endurance Granny

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