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March 23, 2008

Back to basics and analysis of where the training break down has occurred

We have had a few intermittent days of sunshine, partial sunshine. The round pen has dried up except for one small area which she and I are doing pretty well to avoid.

Session #1: Is this the horse I trained all last summer??? Can't possibly be the same horse. This has to be the wild ANIMAL that I sent to a trainer two years ago? Where did my trained horse go? Bucking, kicking, and squealing the flavor of the day ***morbid depressed granny sigh***.

Session # 2: Not quite so bad as session # 1, only tried to take my head off about half the time. Wind was blowing and she was acting much the same as the day she deposited me on my head.

Session #3: I'm starting to make some headway. She at least joined up for a little bit, until the grass enticed her and she again blew off my leadership. Back at it again and finally got her to join up and follow. She is backing up with a hand signal now. The sun will shine today....and we will work on session #4 this afternoon.
~Endurance Granny

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