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January 26, 2008

Wintec with Cair, Gullets, pad, girth, and more for sale.

The weather and short daylight hours always begin to wear thin on me at this time of year. My mind and soul are ready to get back out, moving down the trail.

Tony from Sycamore Creek Saddles wrote me this week to let me know he had received Phebes TASO 14 from Miami's customs. He was repackaging and forwarding it on to me. Hoping to have it by the middle of next week...? Then I'll have to get Phebes out on the weekend and check it for fit.

In the the meantime I've put my Wintec 2000, Easy Ride Stirrups, Wintec Webbers, Ortho pad, contour Wintec girth, gullets, cover, and carry case up on auction at ebay.
I'll likely take a financial loss on it, but it doesn't fit Phebes, and Puddin' has a good fitting saddle now that the Abetta Arabian is back in one piece. So I am hoping to move it, and pick up a few other pieces of gear that Phebes will be needing. I'd like a spare Dr. Cook's bridle just in case the one she is using should ever wear out. She will need a skito or toklat pad to fit the new saddle, as I'm wanting minimal extra pad to help eliminate heat. She will need easy boot bares or epics.

Spring....bring me spring! ~Endurance Granny

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