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January 26, 2008

Phebes saddle came by FedEx today!

I was surprised to receive Phebe's saddle by FED EX today. Didn't expect it until the middle of the week. It had all the rings I need for my gear, and the softest cushion seat I've ever felt! The underside is real wool. The only thing the saddle maker missed was another set of dangly ties on the rear, which isn't much of an issue as I can get them if I decide I really want them. Included were english leathers, a bonus set of stirrups for those, and a crupper!!! If it doesn't rain tomorrow I'll catch up the Phebers and see how this is going to fit. I was going to put easyride stirrups on it, but these are made to face the right direction without any pull on my bad knees. I'm going to see if I can get some cages and replacement cushions from the folks that make the easyrides, and just modify what I have since there are two sets of them. The saddle did turn out to be a little heavier than I had anticipated, I'd guess pushing close to twenty pounds...though I have not weighed it yet. If it fits her, again I'm not going to worry over it. I need a secure saddle that fits for the next year. If she rides and acts right, I can have a lighter one later when she starts to compete. It looks like this saddle really should have a secure seat. The cantle kind of curves into a cup around your fanny, and the seat places you back a little more like an equitation seat, and my legs are more under me than the previous saddle. I'll need two heavy duty latigo's to rig it with as it is center fired rigged.

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  1. It's me, Sue, again. What kind of horse do you have? I have a Rocky Mountain mare, and am going to do my first endurance ride over Labor Day weekend. I am pretty excited. I'll look through your blog some more and see what I find...