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January 27, 2008

Phebes and the Sycamore Creek Saddle

I gathered up my stuff this morning, dressed in layer, sock hat, and gloves. Caught up the Phebers, saddled her up and rode her. So here is the good, the bad, and the ugly on my Sycamore Creek Saddle.

The bad: One thing I found issue with did not relate to the saddle directly. It has center fired rigging and I need longer latigos for both sides. The other was that it will have a tendency to roll. I don't feel this is a saddle defect at all, just a fact of life with such wide, low, withers on this horse. With breast collar and crupper, it should be okay.

The ugly: I honestly have no complaints. This was a handmade saddle so was not necessarily as "slick" in appearance as an assembly made model. However it is plenty sharp enough to suit me, my tastes, and my horse. The photos in a previous post will give you a look at it.

The good: There wasn't much about this saddle that I didn't like. My horse requires almost an eleven inch gullet. Try finding one of those in a off the shelf manufactured saddle. YOU WON'T. The saddle had good spinal clearance, with a nice clear channel down the spine. I ran my hand under the tree/bars to see if the shoulder was going to be crowded, and my hand slid under without any sticking places. The seat was very soft, and cupped by butt, giving a very secure feel. Phebes had never had on a crupper, and after one little goosey hop in the round pen she was over that. The crupper did help to stablize the saddle.

Sycamore Creek Saddle

Their service: Tony dealt with my many emails, changes in what I wanted, didn't want with patience and good humor. I talked to him a month or two before I was able to order. This saddle was customized to my specifications and let me tell you I about ran the man ragged....he was very patient. I also expected this saddle to take several months. He had it sitting on my doorstep in about six weeks. I'd order from them again, and may well do that if they develop their endurance model down the line (weight between 11 and 13 pounds). ~Endurance Granny

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  1. I was happy to see your assessment of your SCS. I am awaiting mine right now, and am very excited to finally get a saddle that will fit me and my horse! You are so right about Tony...I've been talking to him on and off for a year!

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  5. I am curious as to which model of SCS you purchased and how comfortable the saddle was. I am thinking of having one made for my Arabian for LD rides and just general trail rides. Any comments on likes or dislikes would be appreciated.

  6. Amber it has been so long ago now I don't recall the model. It was a solid saddle but the finish job on it wasn't very nice. My horse very quickly outgrew it and I was on to something else. Have you tried an Abetta Arabian Endurance? They are often priced right on sale, and so light. I used one for many years on two of my horses and for the money it was a great little saddle. My current saddle is a Crestridge and I have thousands of miles sitting on it. It has been a fantastic saddle. The worst saddle I've come across was the highly acclaimed Specialized, it had a sharp edge under the skirting that just ATE ME ALIVE. I tried two of those thinking maybe the one was a fluke, but no. How the saddle was built and how I ride, HORRIBLE. Best of luck to you on the saddle search it can be a long drawn out thing.