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February 3, 2008

Re-starting Phebes

Took my second ride on Phebes for 2008 this afternoon. Oh.........she was a pistol. Had her a nice little bucking fit! At least my new saddle kept me seated while I reeled her back in. If I don't look well in the photo, it is because I'm not well. Have been having chronic pain from the fibromyalgia and it has been about to wear me down. No sleep for about three nights now, and having to take a lot of medication to wade through the day. Hoping when it warms up my symptoms will diminish. Getting old, fat, and sick, but too stubborn to let go ...cause I want to ride my horse. So we started today, and it is just a start. I'll need the round pen to dry up, and have a session in there, then take her out and ride with safe dry footing. In the meantime I'll keep working at it what little I can. It is daunting how far I still have to go with this horse. I ask myself daily can I do it. All the while my sweet little Puddin' is out there and all I'd have to do is saddle up and ride. So much easier, but too much to ask of my old mare to keep hauling me down the trails 30 miles at a whack.

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