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December 16, 2007

Ordered Phebes saddle from Sycamore Creek Saddlery

She is so wide that it will require a custom tree to fit her. The gullet measurement at the three inch point was 10 1/8 inch, at the eight inch point and across she measures 13 1/2 inches wide. The saddle maker said she is one of the widest he's ever made.

Tony at Sycamore Creek Saddlery has been great. We've exchanged a lot of email dialog trying to create a saddle that will work with our needs. The saddle is a modified version of the one pictured in a previous post on this blog. It will have a little skirting to protect the thigh, but otherwise minimal skirting. He is putting real sheep's wool on the underside, six dee rings, hand stitched black leather, and a crupper ring + crupper. The skirting has that nice little flare at the back to allow heat to escape and to keep from rubbing at the horse's loins in the posting trot. The tree is designed to not impinge on the shoulder rotation of gaited horses, so should allow a smooth shoulder action for the arab at the extended trot. Since the saddle fitting issues with Phebes she hasn't been ridden. I can't see putting on ill fitting equipment and expecting her to behave. So we will just take some time off and start over again in February.

Puddin' is fixed good for saddles as she now has two that fit her.

The weather here in Indiana has been all rain, and sleet, and snow, and more rain. The horse's lot is a sea of mud. How I long for a warm place somewhere in the southwest, or the mountains of the Carolina's....being older I seem to loose a little more flexibility each winter that I'm off.

My riding lessons have come to a halt. Working too many hours currently to fit in one more thing. Maybe after the New Year I'll be able to go at it again. Rachel is so nice, and knows her stuff. I had to cancel the last two scheduled sessions and do not like doing that to anyone. Work was getting in the way and making my schedule unpredictable, so in fairness to her I didn't reschedule. When things settle down, we'll go again.

I've heard that Easy care is coming out with a new boot called the Easyboot Edge.....waiting to check that out. Have tried to get my hands on a Renegade boot but can't find any ordering info.

Stay warm! ~Endurance Granny

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