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December 19, 2007

Visions of sugar plums....not me! Visions of saddles, and trails...

This is the modified version of the endurance saddle that I decided on from Sycamore Creek Saddles. There will be a few more changes that are not pictured. There will be extra dees on the sides, and a crupper ring added to the center back. Dangling leather ties will added in the back to match the front. The stirrup leathers will be attached to the tree vs. the standard option of attaching to a steel ring. Rigging is center fired. Hoping that won't be an issue under my thigh. I'm thinking the latigo tie will be in the usual 7/8 position on that front ring. I opted for real wool fleece underneath. The standard option is leather. I felt that would allow too much heat build up under the saddle for my discipline. Adding wool was an extra fee , but I feel it is an investment. I also asked for black stitching. I think the white is really pretty, but my saddles get such hard use that I figured the pretty white would soon be "dirty" white. No such problem with black. This saddle is supposed to weigh 17 pounds or less. When I get it here, the first thing I will do is strip off the stirrups and see if my new Easy Rides will fit. If not, I'll order a wider pair for this saddle. Once I had my foot in those kind of stirrups, nothing else will do.

Have worked so many hours lately that I really have had very little time with my horses. Got to come home at daylight today. Went out and cleaned the stalls and got to visit with my girls. Puddin' was a fat little mud ball, so I brushed her and told her how BEAUTIFUL she is. Went down to see Phebes, and was stunned at the change in her. The cold weather has taken some of the weight off of her which honestly is a very good thing. The real stunner though is her head is changing! Her muzzle looks so tiny! Her head is refining and looks much more arabian these days. She has her mommy's big eyes. Her head is really gone gray since winter, and she may have even got a little bit taller. It felt so good to be with my horses. All my brain can think of is getting through the winter and starting Phebes again. Want to get her in the trailer, down the road, and ON THE TRAIL. I figure this coming year will be ....interesting. She has had so little exposure to things. But Puddin' hadn't either, and she shaped up into a fine trail horse. Another work day this week, then FIVE DAYS OFF! Can't wait. ~Endurance Granny

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