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November 30, 2007

The Action Company made good on their tree warranty

A brand new saddle was delivered to my door today! Thank you Action Company for standing behind your product, and thank you Jocelyn at for the great customer service that got it done for me. So Puddin' will start the year out with a new saddle which should fit fine. We also have the english saddle as back up but I still feel pretty insecure. It is a comfy saddle, fits the horse great, but I just feel really like a "bobble head" riding in it faster than a walk.

In the meantime I'm conspiring with Tony at Sycamore Creek Saddles to build Phebes a custom tree, McClellan style saddle with minimal skirting, extra seat padding, at a weight of 17 lbs. or less. Soon as the Wintec is paid off I'll order Phebes this saddle, probably in traditional black leather.

Work has kept me out of the saddle (well...not having a saddle has kept me out too, but at least the timing was right. Puddin' has had two full months off and had gained back the weight she needed for the winter. Doug keeps cutting Phebes chow ration and she just continues to get fatter....and fatter.....not enough work on the young horse.

Looking forward to some riding. In the market for a good thin thermal glove, thermal socks, etc.

Happy trails ~Endurance Granny

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