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Discipline: LD/Endurance, CMO, Trail Rider, Cartoonist, Writer, Co-Director/ Green Bean Endurance

November 7, 2007

We got our AERC membership numbers WOO HOO!

Puddin'(Aidrian) and Phebes (Lil Bit of Magic) both have their numbers and I have mine, so next season we are good to go. Hoping Phebes will be ready for her first LD by late summer....? ~Endurance Granny


  1. Greetings!!
    Way to go!! I love the photos very much & you seem so energetic!!Hardly grannyish!!Keep on riding & writing and i'll keep reading!

  2. Hey Diana! You riding distance? If you are (or aren't) welcome! Grannyish? Oh YEAH...I got the Granny going on. Three grandkids (one a teenager) and my finishing time on my first LD pretty much spells it out *LOL* But we like to get out and go, and the miles keep piling on. Hope to get a little riding done this winter, at least until the digits drop into the teens. Planning a ride this weekend to keep Puddin' limbered up. Borrowed a saddle from a friend (thank you Lynn!)so I can still go. Not feeling all that secure in my english saddle yet, but it will come I'm sure.

    Tell me about your horses if you have them, and any other info you care to share about distance riding if you are involved.~Endurance Granny