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November 9, 2007

The Abetta Arabian Trail Saddle saga continues

This morning I opened mail from Horse LoverZ .com concerning the return of my Abetta Arabian Trail Saddle. I was instructed to wait for an authorization number for the return of the saddle. ***THEY WERE DELIVERED MY SADDLE BY UPS YESTERDAY*** so it is going to be kind of hard to put the sticker on the box. When I called initially I had asked if I needed an authorization number for a return. Was told I did not, just to mail it with my order number and what the problem is. Also the Action Company said they will replace the saddle "if" the tree was indeed defective. Well.....I didn't drop it, and never had any kind of a horse crash with it, so what's the problem? Sounds defective to me??? Just riding along and !pop! the pommel is in half and the staples have burst out under the pommel and the saddle is sitting on the horse's withers. I'm thinking the tree was splitting into for some time, as it kept sinking lower and lower on Puddin'. Just finally came to a head last weekend riding Phebes and came all the way apart. The break was clean and looked like a glue joint? Or a totally clean break of the tree material. I'm hoping and praying that the Action Company will stand by their 5 year warranty on the tree of this saddle. Hoping that my saddle has went into the correct hands and has not been tossed in the trash heap.....hoping.....just hoping that I will get an honest return on the saddle purchased this spring. ~Endurance Granny

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