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November 10, 2007

Abetta Arabian Trail Saddle...what a mess

My saga of the defective tree continues. The Abetta Arabian Trail saddle was delivered to on Thursday, shipped as instructed. I receive an email on Friday that I am to wait for further instruction, an authorization #, and special packing instructions prior to sending it back to the Action Company (maker of the saddle who refused my return at the beginning of the week when I spoke to a company representative). So the saddle is already sitting at, I've already paid to ship it back as instructed, they have can I now ship it to the Action Company??? Next item on the agenda after this is explained is I should send them shipping $ to forward it on to the Action Company. My normally low blood pressure surges to a new high. Somewhere along the line Jocelyn the customer service rep I spoke with and followed instructions given by her re-enters the picture. No, they will forward the saddle to the Action Company. ***thank God for Jocelyn***

Next on the agenda, I asked about a prospective replacement date? Well the replacement of my saddle is dependent on the inspection of the tree by someone named Alex at the Action Company. They will decide if in fact the tree was defective. HELLO!!!! The freakin' thing split cleanly in half and was sitting on my horse's withers....sounds defective to me???

So here I sit, without a trail saddle, while the mystical powers that be from the Action Company who were not present when my saddle made the awful popping noise and came apart (while I was riding a young and potentially volatile horse) decide if my saddle had a manufacturer's defect. I don't see how they can determine what only I experienced....but I will hold my breath that the company will stand behind it's product and FIVE YEAR WARRANTY on the tree.

Bummed~Endurance Granny

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