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November 13, 2007


Get a long hard look at this sweet little endurance saddle? Lightweight...tree can be built wide enough to accomodate an Arabian, and looks like the maker is willing to modify to suit the endurance rider. LOVE the minimal skirt and the way that saddle flares up off the back, with smooth padded panels underneath the bars of the saddle. If you like a traditional tree for your saddle, this is a sweet buy....track me down, I'll share WHO HAS IT! A butt kicking endurance saddle for way below what you usually see. This is quality leather too.
This model has a leather overlay on the seat, thinking that would need to go as that edge on the thigh could be uncomfortable, those little straps around pommel and cantle removed (potential rub points), the underside is padded and covered in leather, which may be fine, but deep fleece would be more my cup of tea. I like the leathers, they'd fit my easy ride stirrups nicely, but fenders would look really good in black or the same contrasting color as the seat. A hoof pick pocket on the back would ROCK!!! I've written to find out, but I can't see this endurance saddle weighing much more than 17 pounds. I'm torn between having a horn or a bucking strap in the center of the pommel for those sudden spooks sideways from flapping turkeys.

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