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November 15, 2007

Saddles and Lessons and work and friends

My Abetta Arabian Trail Saddle has made its way to the Action Company says Jocelyn, the customer service manager at Thank God for Jocelyn as she has been my only and best hope in this saga of the defective saddle tree produced by the Action Company. The question still is WILL THEY STAND BEHIND THEIR FIVE YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY on the tree? In the meantime I'm riding in a borrowed western saddle belonging to a new friend, Lynn who graciously loaned me the saddle so I'm at least not totally out of riding. I do have the English saddle I purchased, the Wintec and I've got the walk and trot worked out alright but feel extremely insecure at the extended trot and canter (which is why I'm taking equitation lessons). In the meantime I'm looking at modifying the endurance saddle in the previous post. Sycamore Saddlery is going to try and work with me on an endurance saddle to my specs! Awesome. I've tweaked and the minimal design on that saddle. Just need that wide tree, and lots of seat padding and dee rings. Can't decide if I want a horn, or no horn....there are +'s and -'s to either.

I've been getting more hours at work lately, and will be very busy for the next two weeks as someone from our office is vacationing in the tropics and I'm filling in.

I was introduced to a new riding buddy, Lynn, mentioned above. She has a large acreage and graciously offered me an additional place to ride. It has about eight miles of trails, and of course you can mix them up and repeat them for a nice two hour ride. The trails are flat to rolling, one or two hills but nothing extreme. It may be an excellent place to get Phebes out on her first away from home adventure. A little less challenging than the park and way less challenging than the trails behind home.

Have been doing trail maintenance at home and working on developing a new trail on the other side of the road along Laughery creek on our property. All single track, cut out with hand nippers, a hand week whacker, and a hand rake....notice the trend? BY HAND. The trail will be called "Dead Man's Drop" and you'd better take it the trail from east to west, otherwise you would find yourself going over a cliff if you did not have EXCELLENT control of your horse. It will be a pretty trail along the cliff edge overlooking Laughery Creek which is a couple hundred feet below the cliff. Nice view, tight trail, good training ground and will lengthen the ride of our private trails by at least fifteen minutes or so.

Riding lesson resumes on Friday God willing .....I'm so behind. ~Endurance Granny

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