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November 7, 2007

The saddle that was sinking south...

I finally discovered why Puddin's Abetta Arabian Trail Saddle was sinking south and pressing down on her withers. All this time I thought she was losing weight, and her shape changing. NOT! The tree to the saddle was defective. Using it on Phebes this weekend I noticed it was sinking down on her and she has no withers to speak of. I immediately got off and looked at the saddle. The pommel had snapped completely in half. The saddle was less than six months old and had never been dropped or abused in any way. So I called Horse where the saddle was purchased because the tree is supposed to have a five year warranty. They told me I needed to call the Action Company that makes the saddle. I call the Action Company and speak to a woman there who was more or less of the attitude "sorry about your luck" . Call the company where you purchased it, and they had never heard of . Their stance was the seller of the saddle would have to request a replacement. ****enter a very big sigh here**** So I call again and get a different customer service rep on the phone named Jocelyn. I explain the situation again. Saddle less than a year old, tree is defective and breaks in half, Action Company refuses to stand behind their product unless requests the replacement. Jocelyn says to send the saddle back to them with a note explaining what happened and she would get the situation fixed for me. Saddle gets packed up into a box and is shipped insured, signature required back to I'm really needing my trail saddle, and unfortunately have sold my other Abetta Endurance to pay on the Wintec 2000. So I'm left with just the Wintec which I don't feel all that secure riding yet as I'm used to western. You distance riders out there light a candle for the safe return of my Abetta Arabian Trail Saddle, hopefully a replacement. It was like my favorite saddle of all time, so comfy, no rubbing. In hind sight I realize that my fitting problems were due to the compromised tree. I'll bet it was split for a while, and I just didn't realize it until that popping sound occurred that something was wrong. ~Endurance Granny

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