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October 31, 2007

The season wrap up...

It is always hard for me to say goodbye to summer, as the leaves change color and begin their solemn descent to the ground, and my riding season comes to a close. I always miss the quiet time in the saddle, and the push towards a goal. Shall we say I do not relish the winter time, and fall is a signal to me of what will come. Carrying buckets of water to the barn in the frigid weather, scooping out the stalls daily, worrying are they warm enough, and will the hay hold out this time around.

What a wonderful summer it was. Puddin' gives all she has and is such a nice little mare. All the long slow distance has made her a nice quiet trail horse, her ears always twitching back and forth for the next cue. What a blessing this unwanted horse has become. We are taking equitation classes twice a month, and I hope to rent some arena time soon. The new saddle fits her well, but it is causing me some concern as for the first time the saddle makes me very sore. I find myself in much closer contact with horse and experience rubbing in tender areas that were never an issue in my western saddle (which no longer fits her but fits me). I'm hoping the classes will help me to become a more balanced rider. So far, only one lesson under our belt. I'm not better, but I'm certainly more aware that I need to get back on my seat bones, change my leg position, and keep my reins aligned. We have a LONG WAY TO GO.

We totally missed the ride at Henryville. I wasn't planning on competing but had hoped to haul down and help out. That is three years back to back of not making Henryville. This time the U Joint went out on the truck and I didn't have transportation. I hope the Spook Run was great for those who did attend...maybe someday Phebes and I will get there.

All of my goals were met this season. We got in shape and placed well in our first novice ride, and we finished our first 25 LD. The trailer was upgraded from a bumper pull to a gooseneck. I was able to work part-time and have the time to ride, and I've almost paid for the new saddle for Puddin'. Phebes is "started" under saddle. I didn't get her as far along as I'd hoped, but...all in all, a very successful year.

I will likely be hit or miss on this site until I gear up again come Spring. My hope is to have Phebes trail savy by late summer. One can always "hope". *smiles* Happy trail one and all ~Endurance Granny

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