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October 21, 2007

Horses and cats and work work work!

I worked full time hours last week, and pretty late into the evening so that put the skids on riding for a week. Got back at it today starting with Phebes. The Wintec 2000 was delivered this week, as were the girth, webbers, E-Z Ride nylon stirrups, and wintec cob sized breast collar. I had to put the largest gullet into the saddle. It fits Puddin' really well and just barely fits Phebes. Phebes transitioned to this saddle without a hitch. Much less of the nasty stink eye and mare ears from her in this saddle. The girth just barely reached, even though it was on the bottom hole on each of the four billets. She trotted out nice and easy but had trouble getting her to keep going today. On one hand I want her to go, and on the other don't want her getting too carried away either. We worked on some turns yielding off of my leg. Didn't ride her too long though as she has a little conjunctivitis in one eye and the sunlight was making it tear. So I medicated the eye and put her out to eat grass. (Yes we finally have some grass since it has rained, and is still in the 80's in the middle of October)

Next up was Puddin' who gave me fits last weekend and yesterday. She has just been sour and stayed sour since the ride at Corydon. I think she just had too many miles this summer and she was hating it. She was more her old self today, and what a welcome change after the past few weeks. Puddin' fits the new saddle really nicely. Noticed she is much looser on her front, think she is moving more freely in the shoulder. She had more impulsion at the walk, really just moving right along. We worked at the posting trot and it was better than last week, but still leaving something to be desired. Her sudden halt at the whoa landed my crotch onto the english pommel, and let me say it has been a "lasting" experience that I do not care to repeat any time soon, no, not any time EVER.

The rest of the weekend was spent getting cats that have been dumped here to a spay neuter clinic, and I'm waiting on a phone call now to pick up some of the cats to bring back here.

Have a lesson coming up this Friday I think? Will have to check my calendar to see. Need a few more sessions of practicing the posting trot and trying to get Puddin' trotting a straight line instead of the veering diagonal she Puddin' we don't trot side-ways, really Puddin' not side-ways, Puddin'? We are still trotting side-ways.

***sigh*** ~Endurance (so sore I can barely walk) Granny

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