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October 13, 2007

Picked up a nice little saddle pad today

Found a tack shop while in Columbus Indiana and picked up one of those new breed english saddle pads. It is the nonslip with the bubbles and air holes. It also had a little extra padding along the bar and panel area where the saddle will sit. Got a good deal on it. Wish they would have had black, but looks like we will be doing fushia *LOL*

Think Chris and her friend David are doing a ride this weekend....wishing them luck.

Worked both Puddin' and Phebes today. Puddin' did really well, remember most of the lesson, probably better than I did. Posting was amazing when I had it right, awkward when I didn't. But at least I can tell the difference now. Phebes started catching on to using leg cues also, and she seems much more sensitive than Puddin', but I find sensitive to = responsive when the training is said and done. I do not like a dull horse. Want some pep in their step and a sparkle in their eye.

I was so depressed that my riding season was ended, but I feel now like we can use the winter to become "better", and then hit the trails again come spring. Can't wait for the saddle to show up, get a girth and give it a try. I wonder how different it will feel? Riding english vs. western?

Hug your horse, they are likely or should be a best friend. ~Endurance / Equitation Granny *wink*

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