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October 10, 2007

The saddle fitting crying in my chicken soup blues

The Endurance Granny has hit critical mass with the saddle fitting or should I say NOT fitting saddle issue. The current two saddles are too big for Puddin' and too small for Phebes ***insert sound of whining and moaning and general bi*##ing***. Well time to get over that and on to a solution. Hence, my original Abetta Arabian Endurance Saddle + fittings+easyride stirrups+ pretty matching fleece pad, breast collar, and girth will all be going up for auction on ebay this weekend. My well loved Abetta Endurance is the most comfortable riding saddle I've ever owned and has served me well over a thousand miles of trail work and still in good condition. This is the one with the "Y" rigging which makes for a nice balanced fit on the horse.

Now where I'm going to find a wider saddle with the same options and comfort is anybody's guess. I may very well have to go treeless. Thinking either a Wintec with changeable gullets, Barefoot Tahoe or a Sensation Dressage Trail model. If you've had experience with either I'd love to hear from you at as the horse in question is a very ROUND little arabian. I need a secure seat, easy on the horse's back, not too wide on the twist. Old ladies don't need a saddle that slips...uh uh!

Auction link:

Also going up for sale is my #3 unused size medium Troxel Helmet in Black. It has the dial a fit thing. I prefer my white Troxel Sport helmets and plan to stick with them for the meantime. Some nice extra wide half chaps too.

Phebes has been doing pretty well except for mashing our cat on Monday. This involved an emergency run to the vets, and Catfael (the cat) has a very swollen leg and foot but no apparent fracture. He had decided to run under Phebes instead of away from Phebes.

Such is life on the farm. Happy trails! ~Endurance Granny

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