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October 11, 2007

Saddles...getting a Wintec 2000

After some thought yesterday I telephoned Jeffer's and spoke to one of their staff on fitting a saddle to Phebes. The ladie's name was Jean Marie and she was so helpful! She even made a wither tracing from my measurements and fitted it to the proper gullet for a Wintec 2000. I'm so glad she assisted me as I was going to go with the Wintec XX Wide saddle. By her measurements Phebes should take the red gullet, and with extra padding (thinking Toklat or Skito pad here) the white one. I was so relieved because I really wanted the saddle with the equisuede to give my butt a little more grip on the seat in case of a spook, balk, or other Phebes shenanigan. The saddle ships out today, but the gullets do not ship until after October 20th as they are back ordered. I chose some new easyride stirrups with the cages for safety as I've had a few near misses with getting my foot hung. The only things left to get are the breast plate , a non-chafing girth, and whatever saddle pad I decide to use under this saddle.

My equitation class begins on Friday evening.

On another note I've been a little worried lately. Last week came home and there were a couple young men walking past the place, but they just didn't look right to me. Then yesterday I went out and there was a truck pulled into the drive and when they saw me they pulled out and left. May be nothing, but they seemed to be looking at the horse trailer, so I may need to remove all of my gear from there....may be nothing, but the little voice (no not hearing voices) inside is telling me to be cautious, and pay attention. ~Endurance Granny

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