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October 7, 2007


Puddin' has been on break. The last ride she acted so sour and just over it, that I thought she needed some time off. So she has been living the life of leisure and I'm trying to get some fat back on her before the temperatures finally plummet.

Have been riding Phebes a little, trying to get at least 3-4 rides a week on her. She had a bath today, and oh.........she loves a bath. Her mane looks lovely well past her neck, silky, and smells so nice.

Have been feeling personally a little discouraged over the past week or so. Probably shouldn't, but I do. The trailer sold and I'd hoped to get some things done on the new trailer, but thought it more prudent to pay on the balance and to get some bills ahead. The little white trailer went to a lady named Sherry from Pennsylvania (spelling?), I didn't get to meet her, but she seemed as excited to get it as I was last spring. So that is a happy thought, knowing someone else's dreams have come true.

Having not been riding really for a week (not counting Phebes as that is training not pleasure riding) my joints have been stiffening up and I think I've put on a few more pounds, the last thing I need.

I've signed up for an equitation class in hopes of gaining a better seat. I'm so unbalanced, and it has been getting worse instead of better. Hope this lady Rachel from Half Pass Farm can help me out. Her discipline is dressage, she's been at it over twenty years. I will be taking Puddin', as she is the hard horse to ride here. If she can get me balanced on her, she can balance me on ANYTHING.

Loosing my riding partner has not been good for my motivation. It is just safer training with someone as opposed to heading out on the trails alone, and nobody even AT THE PARK. It worries me, I'm going to have to get around it if I'm to go forward. Have Phebes to get trail worthy yet.

Phebes seems to have a sore back. It has been that way prior to being ridden. She is puffy over the kidneys and tender at times, and oblivious at others. I don't feel I'm soring her back as she rides really nice and just an easy post, not anything going on that should sore her. I'm using a high quality wool back Skito pad too.

Needing to get back into the groove, and out of my mental slump. I've accomplished a lot this summer, conditioning Puddin' completing two rides successfully, a larger horse trailer, a water wagon, a new spare and rim for the trailer. Have met some extraordinarily NICE people. Maybe the let down is that it is over for the year and I know that winter (my BAD time of year) is coming. ~Endurance Granny

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