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October 2, 2007

A Decision on Henryville

I took Puddin' out for a training ride yesterday with the thought of speeding her up a little. It was a riding disaster...I was not balanced, her gait was that big old park horse thing she does when she's upset, about five inches of lift with every stride impulsion. She was clearly unhappy, not wanting to go forward, balking at things, spooking. I feel the old girl was trying to tell me that she's tired, and over chasing the trail like her butt's on fire. At first I was really upset with her carrying on as I've put so much time and energy into getting her going. But then I thought about it...Puddin' has carried my fat butt almost a thousand miles since I've started logging it. She didn't ask for this, and the horse has given it her best. The "Endurance Granny" if you will allow that (still a wanna be in true endurance rider standards) is pulling my horse from chasing distance. It may be a possibility with Phebes, but it will be a few years before I will know for sure. Have to get a good solid base on Phebes still, so that is where I'm going to put my focus. I will be looking at a low key discipline so that I can still enjoy my beloved horse. ~Endurance Granny

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