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September 30, 2007

5 more miles, we're just galloping hills mostly

Puddin' developing some issues. As I try to speed her up, she wants to do the driving, or pick the rate of speed herself. It was a bit of a struggle today to keep her controlled. She is thinking "race" mode, which is good, but not if she is the brains of the outfit. Puddie doesn't always make good choices for us (ie. stepping in holes, running through branches, basically trying to injure herself by NOT THINKING). On the way home I made her walk almost all the way. Not good for building a faster horse, but trying to keep her sane.

We will ride our twelve mile loop tomorrow and see if we can pare the time down a little. We can't seem to get it done in under two hours.

I'm really missing having a training partner. Feel very vulnerable riding basically a somewhat green horse and trying to increase our speed. Just all around safer to have someone to ride with, but I guess you can't have everything.

Puddin' had her hooves trimmed today, mostly rasping. She seems to be accepting her new hind boots better than the last pair too. Saddle fit around her is an ongoing languishing and moaning refrain.....too wide on one, too narrow on the other. Padding, removing pads, twiddling and diddling with it. If I can just get through one more month, maybe I can work out a new saddle by spring. ~Endurance Granny

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