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September 30, 2007

Back to work with Phebes

The goal is to get an hour per day on her until bad weather forces me to stop. We had an hour yesterday and an hour today. She is really stiff moving in a circle counter clockwise, and light as a feather the other directions. We rode in the round pen for about forty minutes and the rest out front in the paddock. Trotted some straight lines, and trotted around some barrels.

The saddle fitting was better today using the new red skito pad with the wool back. No dry spots on the withers. So we may manage to make this saddle work for the meantime. She is very sore across the kidney area and the skin is pink and a little inflamed. I couldn't figure it out as she hasn't had a saddle on in weeks, I was too busy with Puddin'. Got to worrying over it yesterday evening and watching her and Cree. Well they have a daily "love fest" where she nibbles on him and he nibbles on her. We call it "tiffering", and lo and behold...guess where Cree tiffers on her???? Right across the lower back, nibbling, scraping his teeth, and scratching. I'm convinced he is the culprit of this inflammation. But short of putting them in separate paddocks, don't know how to stop it.

On the subject of distance riding gear, I was able to pick up a wagon on discount yesterday for just over thirty dollars. It holds two five gallon buckets, so I will be able to wheel my water to the vet check area instead of carrying it the hard way. My back isn't what it used to be so this is a huge relief. Nice to get the wagon at a reduced priced too!

If we decide to go to Henryville I'll have to think heat. Wondering if my kerosene heater would be safe. For sure the horse trailer has plenty of ventilation.

Beautiful day, hope to get Puddin' out today. ~Endurance Granny

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