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September 28, 2007

Rode Puddin' out, checked out the gears....

All systems appear to be go. She is sound on all four, no gait issues that I can detect, if there is a is she doesn't want to slow down and is trying to push through the bridle like she did at Corydon during the ride. We ride with just a sidepull and this head flipping thing to avoid the brakes is a new and unpleasant development. We're gonna have to work on it.

We also found our ride photos and hope to post up one or two here or at least the link:

If Puddin' looks pretty frazzled that is the end of the ride, she was pooped! If I'm smiling it is because I was so darned glad to have lived through it. I've discovered that "our" pace is more geared to CTR than Endurance...those people blew by us like we were standing still. Not sure I'm a good enough rider to ride that pace across hills, rock, ditches, creeks, gravel roads, you name! Between you and me....I'm too FAT!!!

Anyhow, hope to take Puddin' out this weekend and work on some interval training. We may just work trail B which has some hills and see if we can speed it up. Today we galloped about five big hills, let her respiration recover between hills. It affected her because she blasted up it the first time, and each successive trip up she was a little slower. Mostly she just wanted to go home. Adding three more miles to our total....hoping to train at the park on Sunday and go to Henryville maybe next weekend.

Checked Phebes out today, she was good and hadn't forgot anything. My focus needs to shift to her....would love to send her to a trainer :-/

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