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September 10, 2007

Troubles and more troubles

Last night Puddin' was trimmed and balanced. Tonight I rode her with protective boots front and rear. She still interfered on the left rear. I believe the problem occurs when she is cantering / galloping. Don't know how to get around it unless we just stay at a trot all the time. Hoped to build her heart and lungs by introducing a little speed work. We have also been doing more hills, so perhaps she is doing it then. Very frustrating to be so close....only two weeks to prepare and resolve problems. We may just have to ride very conservatively and hope for the best. We'll be on strange terrain, so that will be a bit of an issue as well.

The mosquitos are out in mega-force. I was bitten about seven times through my pant leg tonight. Puddin' went and rolled in the mud as soon as she was put up from a hosing cool down. The bugs were about to eat her alive.

Work tomorrow and hooking up the trailer for a test drive, then on to the trails Wednesday. ~Endurance Granny

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