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September 9, 2007

Slick and Muddy, trailer loading

Took Puddin' out this morning, it had finally rained and our trails were slicker than heck! We rode out, only walked today (we really needed the trotting) and came home via the black top road. She got to do something new but didn't get the trotting done I'd hoped. So we are now slotted for twenty miles on Wednesday as fast as we can do them...

Worked on trailer loading Phebes today. First me, then Doug and I, and finally just Doug. She loaded nicely about five times before we quit. She still is not relaxed in the trailer but all four feet are going in, as opposed to the two feet I was getting in. Doug is pointing and driving her in, so she is learning to self load. Once in, he gets in and feeds her treats. Then she is backed out and the process is repeated. It really has gone much smoother than I anticipated. Once she understands something the battle is won. It is just reaching that point and gaining her trust that is the difficult part. The session was good though, as Doug needed to work her. She still harbors a respect issue with him and I believe he really gained some ground today working with her.

Don't know if I can quite take getting a gooseneck and Phebes loading up all in the space of ten days or so? I'm not the drinking type, but.....this calls for a celebration. Two Reese's and a tall cold glass of tea, with a BIG SMILE! ~Endurance Granny

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