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September 8, 2007

Didn't get much done with the horses today

Had to actually do some laundry and house sure piles up when you are out having too much fun! We started assembling the electric corral tonight, but rain moved in, and I'm not complaining after about 90 days without. Hay prices are $7.00-10.00 a bale if you can find it...IF you can find it.

Still tweaking my living arrangement in the trailer. Washing up blankets that will be for camping, have the cot all made, it is going to be comfy if the temps don't drop too low on me. Put all of the grooming supplies into a little bag with a pouch my Mom made for the trailer. That eliminated one bucket anyway. Put my awning and folding chair under the cot, that opened up some more floor space. I have the cooler for a cot side table. My suitcase will also fit under the cot. Have all that room over the nose too that is not being used. Since I don't have a window up there, think I'd like to get some kind of a truck bed netting and attach that up there and then a lot of gear can ride up in the nose. It also could be used as a bunk for a second person, but that isn't likely at this point unless I hook up with another "wanna be" out there who needs a ride. Just realized I don't have my camp stove out there, better be getting it ready to go to. Can't believe it will be weekend after next. Hope we are ready. ~Endurance Granny

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