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September 5, 2007

Trailer Loading with Phebes

Since I'm not working today thought I'd try to get Phebes loaded in the new trailer. We started at 10:30 and it is after 1 p.m. now, didn't get it done. I finally ran out of water and my clothes were soaked through with sweat. Twice I got all of her in, she backed right back out. After that I could get her in except for her back two feet and that was it. Tried direct and drive, the carrot stick (which only made her hissy fit mad and upset), back to direct and drive, bribes with carrots, and bribes with beet pulp mash (her favorite). The temps outside are in the high nineties, don't know how hot it was in that trailer, but it was HOT. Just had to call it a day and hope maybe next time the rest of her will go in. Did discover that the ceiling is kind of low for Phebes and I'll be having to get her a head bumper to protect her from cracking her head if she throws her head back. Also found two screws that are through the ceiling and will have to come out. If a horse raised up on those VET BILLS STITCHES. So will have to get that resolved before I try loading her again. Hoping to drag myself out tonight for a ride. I love summer and all but after about 40 days of 92-96 degree temperatures I'M JUST FREAKING SICK TO DEATH OF THE HEAT.~Endurance Granny

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