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September 3, 2007

Today's Adventure...water bucket, sponge bucket and screening

Went down to Lowes and picked up two new buckets to stencil for Puddin' water (like she would actually drink it) and sponge water. They have lids, so I won't be dumping half the water before I get there. I see either a looooooooooooooooooooong hose or a little wagon in the future for next year. We found some really tough screening so I can bungie the dressing room door open and let some air get in minus the mosquitos. Found a little coffee filter basket I'm going to experiment with for my morning dose of caffiene. Also picked up a butane lighter to keep with the camp stove.

Invited a lady named Lida to share camp at O'Bannon Woods. Since I'd already paid for the spot for two people, someone may as well get use and enjoyment from the money spent.

Trying to talk myself into a fast ride today. Maybe this evening as the temperature drops...will have to run barefoot. Still cursing those darned gaitors. But I suppose that is how we learn :-/ Will post Puddin's miles later if I get it done. ~Endurance Granny

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