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September 3, 2007

Five more miles, without ANY boots

We trotted slow, we trotted fast, we galloped up hills and across flats. No nicks, no rubs. The boots are causing problems at speed. She paddles front and hind and I think that the extra bulk of the boot is causing interference problems that would not normally happen. Can we possibly do Corydon bare...I know there will be some rock, but how much rock is the question? About the time I think I'm liking the boots, something happens.

We did have a nice ride though. She did her one mile around the trotting track, cantered the field and the ridge line, and up the field to home, trotted up all the hills and walked the downhills. Horse still won't drink until you stick a hose in her mouth.

Puddin' sure looks good. All lean muscle, bright eyes, and shiny coat. 18 years old now, barefoot, beautiful arabian. Will be hard to give her up and start over next year. ~Endurance Granny

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