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September 2, 2007

Ten more miles, gaitor rubs...Geez Louise!

This is something new and crummy...HEAR ME GRUMBLING #$C@! She's never before had a rub from the gaitors. Not sure if it is they are getting worn, did I put them on too tight and cause the rubs? I'm only 3 weeks away from Corydon and will have to heal her up and figure out what happened so it doesn't happen again. Terrain at Corydon will be pretty rocky, and I'm depending on those Easy Boot Epics. I could just have a hissy fit, and feel more than terrible that I didn't know something was not right. I noticed she wasn't as forward as she usually is but chocked it up to being in strange surroundings with all those horses at Brown County State Park. All the while I'm rubbing the hide off right below the fetlock joint. The rubs are small, but I'm certain that really had to be awfully uncomfortable. I feel so bad for my horse. Try so hard to take good care of my girl, today I failed her.

Otherwise, our training ride was fine today. We had good company, Chris talked to me about some of her CTR wins, which was fun and exciting to hear about. Of course she did not toot her own horn, I had to ask her about it, I think she's humble. She has a fantastic horse though, no doubt of that. Wishing her well on her next 50 mile, and praying I'll get to the bottom of my latest dilemna before Corydon.
~Endurance Granny

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