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September 1, 2007

Planning out my tack room/ sleeping area

Went to a yard sale today and picked up a nice large area rug that fit into my tack room. Also picked up a like new flannel sheet for my cot. Investment? $2.75 Would like to find me some more yard sales with prices like that. The plan for my cot is a foam mattress (a friend is giving me one that has the hospital type foam), flannel sheet, and microfleece pillow case and blanket. I'll have to sew the last two. I'm having an organizational melt down as I'm not sure how to get packed what I need, leave at home what I don't, and make it fit nicely so that I'm not rummaging for the elusive "something". Will definitely need some more totes with lids. Three moderately sized ones should do it. One for People food, Napkins, etc; one for horse chow, one for clothing, meds & first aid supplies. Will need to purchase a pillow that permanently lives in the trailer, and fix up a bath towel set for the road. Also looking at a screen from longriders that will let me get air into the tack compartment if I bungie open the tack room door (which has no screen). The trailer will be just bare basics this season, will spend the winter looking for "horse decor" to make the space mine. Yes, I am still going out there just to LOOK AT IT. Can't believe it is sitting there. ~Endurance Granny

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