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September 21, 2007

Leaving today for Corydon

I'm pretty excited! Puddin' has been giving me stink eye all morning as she can see the trailer is hitched to the truck! Word from Chris Eickleberry is that she is going YIPPPEEEEEEE! So I won't end up lost on a hundred mile of trail and if I do I can blame the crew I'm riding with *LOL* It should be a lot of fun. The plan is to complete the 25 miles within the time allowed, and to just let the ride take its own course, have fun, and take care of Puddin. The old girl has done me well these past three years, and turned into a nice little trail horse, still some go for an old gal.

Everything is ready to go except getting Puddin' a bath, and packing and loading up the food cooler.

It is going to be another HOT HOT HOT weekend. Reckon I'll just keep hosing her down during our downtime. Wish I could do the electric corral, think she'd be more comfortable if she could like down. Tied to a trailer for three days doesn't appeal to me, but we pretty much have far as I know.

A wonderful lady named Alberta scanned her maps of O'Bannon for me and I made enlargements that I can actually read through my bifocals so I'll be putting one of those into my saddle pack.

Douglas....thanks for all your wonderful husbandly help or I wouldn't have a horse and I wouldn't be going anywhere. I'm lucky! Spoiled, and have a good man.

Friends and family, keep your thoughts on Puddin' having a safe ride and throw in a few of those vibes for me as well driving my first long distance with the bigger trailer. ~Endurance Granny

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