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September 23, 2007

Cave Country Canter / My barefoot baby completed

Puddin' completed...we lost an easy boot epic, and someone else's (thanks Chris Eickleberry) easy boot. We tripped, we stumbled, we almost fell down when the epic came off. The first loop was fifteen miles of rock, boulders, up down, up down along the Ohio River, caves, cliffs, some nice stretches, but a really difficult trail for a barefoot horse. The final loop was ten miles, I inquired about the trail and was assured by a few that it was much better trail. Chris was skeptical and Chris was right...crushed lime stone for at least 8 of the final ten miles. Puddin' held up pretty well until about mile 20 and then she starting flagging, and I had to ask for forward momentum. We came in with only about fifteen minutes to spare, eleventh place out of the twelve who completed. She had a few B's capillary refill, and skin tent all related to lack of hydration. She was all A's on impulsion, gait, muscle tone. Puddin' gave all she had and a little more. She did drink on trail this time, drank at the halfway, and drank upon return, and is still drinking. She was a little dehydrated in my opinion, she tried to pee a couple of times, failed the first time and the second she just gave a little "squirt" of tea colored urine. I responded to this by returning to the vet and he re-checked her. Her pulse was 46, she had good gut sounds, he said she just needs to keep drinking and get rehydrated. Last check she was licking her mineral block. I did give her electrolytes in feed but did not electrolyte during the ride. If I'm happy with how she looks tomorrow, I'm kicking around going to the Spook Run, but not sure yet.

Chris Eickleberry and her friend Lynn, really saved my butt by setting a good pace early on (I'm sure slow by their standards) or we would not have completed. So I thank them for helping a newbie.

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