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September 19, 2007

Final training ride before Corydon 7 miles, hills hills and more hills

The temperatures are heating up here again...she and I were both slathered in sweat after a two hour ride. We did about three miles of trotting, some walking, and climbed every hill in sight, some of them twice. We galloped up a few that had a gradual slope, and squeeked up some really steep banks and hills. She is back to not drinking again *****sigh***** so I soaked her down with water at the creek and got her to take a few swallows from the water bottle. Today the hose is back in vogue, she tanked up again at home. We won't be going out again before Saturday. Just plan to keep her well fed, rested, and ready to roll (at least that is my plan, doubt it is her plan). She gets pretty snooty when she's had three days off, wants to bite during the tacking up process. Never the saddle, the breast collar sets her mood off. If she is ridden daily there are no issues. Anyway, onward we go.

Power washed her synthetic saddle and it is drying on the hitch rail. Her Skito pad is in the washer (have to love those Skito pads, they was up nice). Soon as it comes out her bridle, boots, and breast collar will go in for a quick wash and every thing will be put out in the sun to dry.

The weather forecast for the weekend is dry and HOT. Was hoping for dry and cool....especially with all those hills! Reckon' we will take what we get.

The trailer has two more days to go on ebay....sure hoping for a fair price and quick sale on it. We bought a new wheel and spare tire for the trailer this week, and the tires all had the air pressure checked. Most of our stuff is packed, just a few odds and ends to go, and the food cooler.

I'm wondering if I should switch back to Nutrena Safe Choice for the girls, not liking how their hooves look. On Nutrena they always looked well nourished, hoof horn was waxy, and nice thick elastic hoof walls. Currently I'm seeing dry as dirt hoof walls, both the girls have had toe splits, no gloss, no waxy stuff below the coronet band. Just not liking it. We have had the dryest year on record for decades...but I always thought the hoof was fed from the inside? Stuff to do! ~Endurance Granny

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