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September 16, 2007

500 Training miles this year! 1 week until the Cave Country Canter

Puddin' is only one week from the ride at Corydon's O'Bannon Woods, Cave Country Canter. We did a short five mile training ride this morning and it pushed us up to 504.7 conditioning & training miles for this summer season. AWESOME! She was like a rocket this morning. The temperatures cool and low humidity, galloping up hills, big forward trot, really felt like I had some horse under me. We were running barefoot with splint boots on front and rear, and her legs pre-wrapped with self adhering vet wrap. It worked. Saddle pad with some extra shimming, it works! First stop at the creek this morning she tanked up on water, at least fifteen good swallows!!!! Starting to pack and unpack the trailer. Found out no electric pens allowed down there at Corydon so may as well leave that home. Have my clothes packed and read, meds ready, and most of my food. Do still need to track down a pan for my stove though that can just stay out in the trailer. Need to decide how many blankets to take for my no heat situation in the trailer.

I'm still deciding on my ride plan. Would like to ride conservative the first half, and go for it the second half and just see where we end up (hopefully not lost in the woods!). Going to plan on barefoot, with boots in her saddle bag that I can slap on if I need them. She seems to tire less without the weight of the boots.

Totally pumped up with excitement for our first 25 mile limited distance ride!!!~Endurance Granny

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