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August 1, 2007

We are back at it....trying to speed up my time

Noticed Puddin' trotting around today, so I figured she was ready to go at it again. We did a reasonably fast six miles, considering the heat and humidity. One hour and ten minutes. That is over pretty hilly terrain too. Just did our usual loop and added a mile by trotting the track 3 laps.

I think I have the water thing fixed. I bought dehydrated molasses and added it to her water in the new red bucket. She slurped down a half bucket. Next we try it out at the park to see if she'll drink there. She is not liking her feed wetted down all of a sudden or it is the red bucket. I made her eat out of it tonight and she wasted most of her feed again. I'm gonna have to go dry or switch feed to something she finds more palatable.

Was reading that molasses is a great source of natural electrolytes. So maybe this will help her with hydration and restore some of her lost electrolytes.

I'm a ball of sweat, but we had a nice ride. Walked maybe 1/6 of the ride, trotted most of it, and galloped across the ridgeline and up "Bobcat" hill (yes we have a bobcat in the woods so don't laugh. Tevis has cougar rock, and I have Bobcat hill). Cooled Puddin' out good, she's got where she is really enjoying the cold garden hose on her legs, belly, and neck.

The horse flies are out in force and they are vicious blood sucking VERMIN! Notice that 200 miles north at Salamonie they had none. Found that interesting.

Plan to really ramp up the training program with a focus one day on speed, and the next ride on hills hills hills since the ride we will head to is nothing but!

Tired, dirty, happy. ~Endurance Granny

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