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July 30, 2007

Thinking about the the 25 mile LD at Spook Run in October

I'm going to watch Puddin' a few days and see how she recovers from this. We are considering attempting the 25 mile limited distance at Spook Run. This will be a much more challenging ride, terrain is very hilly (but he have hills to train on here). I have to work out her eating and drinking thing. May try some molasses in her drinking water to get it to appeal to her? If she isn't going to eat her food maybe I should go back to chafed alfalfa wetted down? She won't make the 25 mile unless I can get her hydrated. Any riders with finicky horses out there please email me, I'm open to ideas.

My saddle pad is synthetic and I'm wondering since talking to ride vet if I should try and get her a natural fleece bottom on her Skito pad, or have the local saddlery place make me one?

Rain is a possible issue on that ride, and I have to figure out a way to keep my horse dry while we are camping over night. If worse comes to worse we could take two trailers so the horses both have a stall in the case of rain? Which also leads to keeping me dry. My little tent would likely leak like a sieve, and my old granny bones and joints don't take to the cold like they used to.

Dishes are calling my name...the floor needs swept, the laundry needs done, I've been having way too much FUN. ~Endurance Granny

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