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August 10, 2007

Still very hot, but the humidity was much lower today

Looks like I'm going to be able to add an extra lap on our training loop. We are making a six mile trip in 45 minutes now. We will either add a new loop or add laps on the trotting track. Have to think on it. We really need to start working on some hills soon. There is always some hill work when we go, as the trail is hilly. But we could use one evening a week just hill climbing some of the serious hills. As we are speeding up I worry more about a stress injury. We did all the long slow distance stuff, hope everything holds together on my old girl.

Really need a spare pad to switch to a dry one at the halfway point on rides. Looking at Toklat pads, like the wool ones but a little out of my budget as she needs the insert pads.

Phebes was a brat tonight. Gave Doug grief trimming the back hooves so we had to do some training. Just not enough hours in the day for everything. Suppose she needs tuned up and put under saddle again tomorrow.

We are meeting Chris Eickleberry on Sunday at the Brown County State Park. It should be fun!

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