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August 12, 2007

Brown County State Park

We were able to make our ride with Christine Eickleberry today, what fun!!! 91 degrees, humidity at 51% (well under the past five days but still tough riding weather. The trails were very challenging, a lot of hill and a lot of rock. Puddin' made a token effort at drinking along the trail but I'd have counted her off on hydration after 15 miles. She was a little slow on the "tent" test. The skin returned to normal but took about 3 seconds to do so then left a tiny ridge. She sipped a little out of a few water holes, like maybe three little swallows. When we got back to the trailer same problem as salamonie. Wouldn't drink out of either bucket, ate a little food. Did discover that she likes drinking from a garden hose, so that is at least an alternative we can use some places, but won't necessarily help me at the halfway point.

Puddin' is getting used to being whacked killing the flies, the horse flies are like small ultra lights this year, terrible. I was trying to get her over a log with some brush and she isn't good about brushy stuff. Then a fly jumped on the back of her neck and was eating her alive and I whacked it good. Thinking about it later I thought, I sure hope she didn't think I was smacking Puddy for not wanting to cross the log. Nope....just smashing those old horse flies.

George was pretty pooped at the end, but he did rebound quickly. He drank well on the trail and eats well at the trailer, takes care of himself. When Puddin' got home she buried her head in the water tank and didn't come up for five minutes. I may just have to find her a small galvanized tank for rides.

The only near fatality today was me. I don't think I'd have held up in this heat another mile. I didn't say anything to Barb or Chris at the time, but nearly fainted at one point after tailing part way up a hill. I just couldn't make it up the hill even with Puddin' pulling. My heart felt like it would explode in my chest. When you are almost fifty ...not a good feeling. Once we got back and in the shade and I drank two bottles of iced down water I felt a little better. If I'm going to do this limited distance thing I've got to get myself more physically fit. If that doesn't do it...then I'm gonna have to see a cardiologist and get to the bottom of it. Do know I have a mitral valve prolapse but that has never really been a problem for me in the past except that my pulse runs pretty fast. Today was different, may have just been the heat and exertion. Hoping so.

So we add another 15 miles to our training log today. Tough, tough trails. Chris has invited us back up on September 2nd....wonder if I can sweet talk her down her to try some new trails. She's a wonderfully fun lady, kind, and so good to a couple of newbies trying to learn the ropes. Gives you a good feeling looking at a sport where people actually want you to come in and compete, and don't look down on your economic bracket, or care what kind of horse trailer you are pulling. I've been very pleased with the reception we have got as new riders trying this thing out.

Now I think I'm gonna lay down *LOL*

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