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August 14, 2007

Puddin's getting a new SKITO wool back this time

Her polywool Skito pad was causing a rub under the saddle area. Nothing sore as yet, just wearing off the fur, as when she trots she sort of rotates those hips. The ride vet at Salamonie suggested I switch to a 100 percent wool fleece and see if that doesn't work better. She needed a spare pad anyway for halfway point for the next planned ride, so we ordered her a red southwest print split back Skito from Lori's Tack via ebay auction. I've purchased from this seller in the past and have always had a good experience. The hardest thing will be taking my hack saw to the inserts again.....all that money and I have to hack off a slice to get the right fit at the withers. It worked on the other pad, just hope I can get it right on the new one. Only one cut, can't go back.

Training ride scheduled tomorrow. We are going to start ramping up our evening mileage a little, and increasing our weekend mileage a lot. We've been invited back to Brown County again for another training ride on September 2nd. Hoping to get there, but will have to prioritize finances...have an entry fee to send in yet, and fuel to Corydon and back, food, drinks, and all that. Our campsite is reserved.

This weekend Puddin's feet will visit the equine podiatrist, that moderate club foot really wants to chip when the distance starts increasing. 25-30 miles a week and her hoof does fine, but as sessions go to 15 miles and above per session we start experiencing a wear problem. I'm booting every ride at this point. Only the one hoof is affected. Have been wrapping it in vet wrap prior to booting to further protect the chipping at the toe.

That is all the news...~Endurance Granny (a.k.a. limited distance Granny at this point)

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