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August 29, 2007

Saddle Fitting Issues

The bright light of epiphany hit me this morning....instead of trying to tweak Puddin's saddle pads for the fit issue, could I do anything with the saddle itself?

I brought the Abetta in and flopped it upside down and discovered that under the bars the fleece lining is a pocket. All I had to do was remove four staples that were tacking it down. Then I cut 1/4 inch neoprene and slid it into the channels and made a piece to lift it and pad it around the withers. I'll try the saddle out Thursday evening, see if my problems are solved. It made a slight lift and a clear channel down her spine. It did not add any bulk at the shoulder, I just concentrated on the areas from pommel channel down either side of spine along the bars. I have a little neoprene left and will tweak some more if this is not enough or move it around until it works.

Me and Puddin' are taking the day off. Trying to force myself not to exceed 25 miles per week in training. 50 miles can pile up before you know it if you are riding regularly. Want to hold condition at this point and feel her "base" is made after two summers of long slow distance. We can work on rating our speed though. She could use more work at the extended trot and I may do intervals and just concentrate on having good control with speed and cues. She gets very exciteable at the gallop and you have to stay on top of things or she'll take over. Want to get her at a nice easy gallop that is under control.

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