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August 28, 2007

Five more miles, working on hills...

Puddin' and I went out for our five mile loop. Focus tonight was on speeding up our hill climbing, extending the trot on the flats, and working in some short intervals of cantering. Not wanting to over do it, but do feel she needs to build all of her different muscles. We usually trot almost everything, so not much was different except for a few short sprints, and some serious hill climbing. We hoof it up a steep hill then I'd walk her until respiration was normal and then trot out again to the next hill. She did good and literally flew down the field where we usually gallop before I get off and walk her in.

Tonight several things were new. The saddle packs were on, and they didn't flop! I think I love my saddle fixer upper guy (don't tell him it will go to his head and affect prices ***wink***), he did a great job. She also had on the new wool back Skito pad I purchased from Lori's Tack and I'm pleased with it. The saddle didn't slip and I believe she can be girthed up a little looser with this pad. We did have the same fit problem with the saddle and I'm going to add some shims and lift that pommel off her withers. I could barely get one finger under it, riding too low. It is becoming hard to feed enough to keep weight on doing the mileage we're doing. I'm feeding twice a day but don't know if I can increase the concentrate without really overloading her gut in just two feedings. She is getting a flake of hay morning and evening, her wet mash, and the concentrate and supplements. She still has a little fat layer but I've noticed the change in her topline and withers. Definitely thinner, or is it more toned? Good ride tonight. Will try one more ride this week, and then hoping still to meet Chris at Brown County if all is right in life this Sunday. I'll talk to Chris about Negative Splits and a riding strategy for Corydon then.~Endurance Granny

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