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August 27, 2007

Consulting with my experts, an essential check list

Saddle bag must haves:

Disposable rain slicker

Hoof pick

Handy Dandy knife tool

Vet wrap / emergency banding supply

Water bottles

People snack / horse snack


Ride Camp halfway point:

5 gallon bucket with my name on it


Haynet with one flake of hay

Scooby Snacks for Puddin' (scoop of feed, beet pulp, and electrolytes)

Bottles of water for the next loop

Scooby Snack for Rider


Went to the tack fixer upper guy today and had the straps cut off of my $65 saddle bags, and replaced with scissor clips. NOW IT ATTACHES TIGHTLY. He also fixed the attachment ring for my water bottles that was falling off. The straps he cut off of my saddle bag he sewed a clip on and then sewed that onto my sponge. All the saddle needs now is one good bath.


The ride yesterday sure tuned my knee up and it was singing all night long! Had trouble sleeping. Seems better today though. Was able to get the irises dug up today. ~Endurance Granny

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