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August 26, 2007

Putting together a new change of plan

Went out to the barn and started gathering up gear and seeing how I can get it to fit in the front of my two horse stock trailer. Not having a tack compartment is a problem when it rains (not that it has rained in 90 days). Doug is going to see if he can put up a partial little wall to keep things up in the nose. I need to be able to get to it but don't want to concern myself with it sliding around under Puddin's feet for the trip to Corydon. Emailed Chris Eickleberry and she has graciously agreed to mentor me for that ride. She is riding on Sunday, so I needed to reserve another day and got lucky, Sunday had not been taken yet at my camping spot. Once down there I can set up a little canopy and that should keep the rain off of my head. If weather is nice I'll sleep in the horse trailer. If it isn't I'll just sleep in the truck.

Next Sunday I'm supposed to meet Chris at Brown County and have another conditioning ride. Must find my kotter keep those boot latches down.

Things to do this week:

See if I can get some rings & clips on my saddle bags so they won't flop around so much.

I need a chicago screw for the back of my saddle to hold the crupper ring on.

Create a long sponge string from parachute cord for my sponge.

Take some Aleve or something for this tuned up knee...

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