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August 19, 2007

Phebes is coming along

Plan to work Phebes outside of the round pen from this point forward unless I encounter a problem. We are working in the front paddock now at the trot. She's steering pretty good and moving with a nice forward trot. Her back up is getting really good with no bit! She sets her head nicely and scoots back at a reasonable pace. I'm using a rein cue and a leg cue, so far so good. I've started trotting large ovals in the paddock, and big figure eights. She is responsive and I feel her steering is getting better. For the whoa I still need a one rein stop, but don't have to torque it hard or anything. Takes her about three steps to whoa from a trot. She looks really pretty under saddle. I still have some reservations about heading out on the trail due to the spook factor out there. Wonder how bad it would be if a turkey came flapping out or she jumped a deer? Beginning October I'm going to try if the footing allows, she will start following Big Cree down the trail. I'd like to get a foundation on her before winter shuts us down. If it goes well, I may take her to a rented arena a couple times a week and just try to keep progressing with her.

I'm tweaking her saddle pad to see if I can solve the saddle fit issue. ~Endurance Granny

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